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Small Tropical Paradise Oasis

Make your home a small Tropical Paradise Oasis away from the busy life with Tropical beach décor. This adjustment will change the ambiance of your place into a relaxing location you look forward to coming home to when you are away from your home and family. This can be done easier than you might expect and at [...]

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Tropical Breeze Decor and Tropical Gifts keep Beach Memories Alive

You can relive the special feeling your fond Beach memories bring with TropicalBreezeDecor and our tropical gifts. The memories of your visit to the Hawaiian Islands, Guam, Tahiti, Bali or the Philippines can be more easily recalled when you have a physical item in your hand or on a shelf that can trigger your recollection of a time [...]

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Tropical Breeze Feeling from TropicalBreezeDecor

If you are looking for items to give you that tropical feeling, TropicalBreezeDecor.com has some items that can help you feel like you are on a tropical island or at the beach. For some folks the Capiz Desk Clock Palm Tree (DFA2242) sitting on your desk in the office will bring the tropical breeze to mind each time [...]

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Fun Facts about Paradise

To have a list of Fun Facts about Paradise you would first need to know what is considered paradise. For most people, especially those that live in the colder climates, paradise is a warm tropical beach. Thoughts of sitting on a warm beach with a cool breeze coming off the ocean while your feet are in the sand are just [...]

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Fun Facts about the Sand Dollar

One of the many Fun Facts that TropicalBreezeDecor has found about the Sand Dollar is that this is actually a living creature. Most people are aware of what is left when a Sand Dollar passes away and washes up on the shoreline. It is white and has a star in the middle of it. When this creature is alive [...]

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Fun Facts about Beach Sand

TropicalBreezeDecor is all about the beach and is for beach lovers. Whether you are feeling a tropical breeze, or are wanting to surround yourself with Tropical Decor to bring those special memories home, TropicalBreezeDecor is the online shop for you. Here are Fun Facts about Beach Sand that the casual visitor to the edge of the land [...]

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My Beach Bathroom

Beach Lovers, beware! My bathroom looks just like I'm at the beach. I have decided to transform this room because of its small size and ease to do so. It is a place no one really wants to be, but have to use on a regular basis. Because of this I wanted to make my bathroom a place that [...]

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Fun Facts about Surfboards

Nothing reminds a person of the sun and beach more than Fun Facts about Surfboards. There is hardly a beach in the world where that is not at least one surfer is in the water unless the waves are just non-existent.The surfboard is an iconic object that has been around for thousands of years. There is some debate about just [...]

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Fun Facts about Pink Flamingos

Learning the Fun Facts about Pink Flamingos is an enjoyable time for most. What is surprising to most is that the hatchlings of the pink flamingos are grey in color. The adults turn pink and shades of scarlet from the food they eat. This is from the algae, diatoms and crustaceans that contain carotene they [...]

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Fun Facts about Parrots

Playing with Fun Facts about Parrots is one of the better ways for you to get to know about these feathery creatures. There are 372 different types of parrots which inhabit tropical rain forests and subtropical regions around the world. Those seen outside that area have been transported there by humans to be used [...]

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