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Tropical Theme Housewarming Gift

A great item to give to a friend for a tropical housewarming gift can have a tropical or beach theme to help make them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. The tropical theme in a house warming gift is the one that is always welcome and can fit into any décor the new home [...]

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Images of the Beach

Why have a plain room when, with just a few handpicked items, your room can be a place of quiet and calming joy. Filling your space with images of the beach is a way you can have a visual image of the place that you find tranquil and soothing.While there are always a few people [...]

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If you can't be at the Beach, then bring some of the Beach Home

If you can't be at the beach, then bring some of the beach home then try getting our beach decor products to assist you in creating the ambiance of the beach in your home. This way you can be in the most relaxing mood you know of every day. To help make this a reality I [...]

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Fun Facts about Palm Trees

One of the unknown Fun Facts about Palm Trees is that they are technically considered a grass just like bamboo is. They are also native to warmer climates like the tropic and sub tropic regions of the world. The tallest of the over 2,500 species of palm trees is the wax palm. This tree is [...]

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It's Fun Decorating with a Tropical Decor Theme

It's fun decorating with a Tropical Theme inside and outside your home. The reasons home owners take this approach is very obvious but the most common is so they will be in a relaxing atmosphere when they are enjoying quality time with the ones they love.To discover the possibilities with a Tropical Decor theme around [...]

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Sea Creature Soap Shapes

Who thought that even washing could be fun with our sea creature soap shapes. This novel idea makes it possible for a person to hold a sea horse in their hand while at the same time cleaning the hands of bacteria and dirt. This can help you relax and just maybe recollect fond memories of [...]

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We just moved our online store to a new server

Welcome to our new shopping server. on 4/15/14 we moved our shopping cat to a new provider. This will allow us to give our customers a better and simpler shopping experience. Customers can have tons of wish lists, can ship one order to multiple shipping addresses, our interface is faster and much cleaner, our load [...]

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