The Funniest Christmas Ornament is the Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo OrnamentThe Funniest Christmas Ornament is the Pink Flamingo


The funniest Christmas Ornament is the Pink Flamingo. Unless you live down under or in the tropics, warm weather and Christmas just does not go together. It is this warm weather that most people think about when they see this pink bird.


Trying to follow a tropical décor into the Christmas season is one of the most challenging a homeowner could undertake but is possible. One must remember the world is not all covered in snow in the winter months of the northern hemisphere, just the northern latitudes. This is something most Americans and Europeans forget.


The key to celebrating Christmas is to bring cheer and joy to those loved ones that will near and far. This can be done in a unique way with tropical décor. Instead of Santa in a snow sled you can have him riding a sky jet. The evergreen and firs that are the traditional Christmas trees of the north can be transferred into palm trees of the topics. These have the ability to have Christmas lights on them as well. For those living in the tropics, the use of Bamboo as a plant to hang Christmas lights on also occurs.


Decorating a Christmas tree is a personal preference. There is no wrong or right way this just has to be accomplished. All that is important is that the spirit of Christmas can be seen in the tree. This can be done with snow on the ground or sand out your front door.


By having a Christmas decoration of a pink flamingo in your tree you can feel the warmth when looking at it. This is one of the advantages of using the tropical décor as part of your holiday theme, especially if you live in the frozen tundra of the world. Anything that helps you warm up is appreciated.


Another reason some people use a pink flamingo ornament on their Christmas tree is to just be funny. This is done by grandparents to play a prank on the grand children. It is so funny when a young one, about the age of 4 notices it. They assume something is wrong and make a big fuss about it. This is when the story of Christmas and how this time of year is for all people and creatures of the world to rejoice in the birth of Jesus is generally told. It is a Christmas memories like this that get retold year after year and are really embarrass the young child when they are teenagers.


You can use the pink flamingo ornament alone or as part of a tropical décor theme to your Christmas celebration. Either way it will have a place on the tree that will be missed if it is every misplaced or lost in the years to come. It will become part of a family tradition so all can remember to be warm in the heart while it is cold outside.

by Douglas Gray

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