Can I leave my Beach Flag out 24 hrs a Day

Tropical Beach FlagCan I leave my Beach Flag out 24 hrs a Day


Can I leave my Beach Flag out 24 hrs a day is a questions that must be understood. Unlike the American flag that must be brought down at nightfall unless there is a light shining on it, a beach flag has no restrictions. This lack of restrictions even carries forward when inclement weather is upon you. The American Flag should be lowered if it is raining. This and the reason it should come down at sundown is partly tradition and out of respect for all of the men and women that have died protecting the flag and country.


As for a beach flag that could be part of your beach décor, you can leave it up 24 hours a day 7 days a week if you prefer. There are absolutely no legal restrictions to this practice, but there is common sense. Inclement weather has a negative effect on a cloth flag. Over time it will show wear and tear which will require it to be replaced periodically.


As with most items used in a beach decor, a small amount of wear makes it appear more realistic. But with the constant battering of wind and rain would cause a flag to lose its luster and color. The same can be said for tiki torches and beach lights that are used around a patio to help give the appearance of being at a beach. Time and weather will make them unappealing if they are not taken care of properly.


If you have decided to use beach décor as the main theme in or around your home, just what degree of wear is a must consideration. Either extreme from having everything looking like it just came out of a box or looking ragged and worn does not give a good impression on your visitors. It will also not have the desired effect of transporting you to the beach in your mind. There has to be a middle ground.


This middle ground can be found by allow new items to stay outside for a short period of time. This will make it possible for them to get a little wear on them and make them appear more realistic. This will work for any item unless it is made out of plastic. All plastic loses its color when exposed to the sun and weather. Once the appropriate weathering has taken place, the items should be stored when not in use or inclement weather is approaching. This way, your beach décor items would have a longer and more fulfilling life around your residence.


If you really want to keep your beach flag up 24 hours a day, there is nothing in the world, including the laws of every country, which would prevent you from doing this. Just remember that the beach flag should be lower than the flag of the country where the pole exists. It is a simple and an expected sign of respect for the people and veterans of that country.


by Douglas Gray

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