What do I Need for a Beach Party at Home

Beach PartyWhat do I Need for a Beach Party at Home


What do I need for a Beach Party at home will be dependent on where your home is located and how elaborate you desire the party to be. While the importation of sand into your home is not very practical, decorating your home with items found at or near a beach is very doable.


The first thing you should do is to do is to set the direction you wish the décor to follow. The use of Beach décor would be a natural thought, but you can also use tropical décor, palm tree décor or Island décor that would also suit your needs. Each one would give you different variations on the end results but they all go together very nicely.


The surf and beach décor would be simple to follow. This would include things like bathing suit decorated tumblers, coasters with beach items on them, like flip flops and beach towels. The use of a beach themed napkin is also helpful and very inexpensive. One of the necessary items needed would be something like a simple sign at the entrance way that said “Beach House”. This would set the mood of all that are about to entry your home with the right attitude. Another good sign would be “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem”.


Another very simple and inexpensive item to help set the mood for your beach party would be an item like a surf board bottle opener. This is something that sends the right message is also very unusual for anyone to own. On that same line of thought would be the surf board party spreaders so the many dips and spreads you will be offering your guests at the party. Again it is the little attention to detail items that will help not only set the mood of your party, but makes it possible for those attending it to maintain it for the night.


The use of Beach Décor to help make your party a success would be the best alternative to actually being at the beach. This is where little party lights in the shape of tropical drinks might help set the right mood. As with most parties, your guest will be drinking.


If you can have the main gathering place of the party outside, the a sign or two pointing the way to the beach could help get things moving in the right direction for you to have a successful and enjoyable beach party in your own home. This will make creating the right atmosphere for your gathering easier. You should include fresh air into the equation if possible since the beach has an abundance of it naturally.


To have a Beach party at home can be a simple thing to pull off. A few well placed items, that are at a low cost to purchase, can set the right mood. You do not need to be elaborate, just consistent in the theme and décor to make this type of gathering a success.

by Douglas Gray

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