I Love the Beach and the Sand

I Love the Beach and the SandTropical Palms


I Love the Beach and the sand and would be there by the ocean every minute of the day if I could. Unfortunately I have to earn a living and can only dream about that soothing and relaxing place when I daydream. To help me coop with this dilemma, I have decided to create a beach setting in my home.


The options I had included using Palm Tree Décor, Hawaiian Décor, Tropical Décor or Island Décor. Each one is very similar, but they are also different. I went with the Palm Tree décor direction since it is how I really remember most of the beaches I have recently visited.


It is the swaying of the palm trees I remember when I would lay on the beach and look up. I also liked the fact that they would produce some shade, if you were in the right place. One of the things I leaned while I was my island retreat was to avoid the coconut trees. When the breeze would pick up, the coconuts could and do fall down. If you get hit buy one, you could get severely hurt. To help prevent this I fell in love with the palm trees.


My efforts to help me bring some of the atmosphere of being near a beach and surrounded by palm trees took me online. Here I found many items that would help bring that beach feeling into my daily life. One of the simplest was to purchase a coffee cup. This was a simple thing to do, but with each glance I would see a palm tree blowing in the seaward wind and found it has refreshed me. When I am using other drinking containers, I found that absorbent coasters with palm trees on them again helped me to escape back to my beloved sea side retreat.


While purchasing a life size palm tree does not make sense to me, especially in this cold northern climate, pictures and flags with palm trees on them can give the same relaxing effect. Two things I added to my bathroom help get me set in the right mood for the day. This includes my palm tree toothbrush holder and the palm tree shower curtain. Both in that palm tree décor that I find soothing.


When I am relaxing after work, I like to have a tall cool refreshing drink. To help set the mood I placed palm tree cork stoppers on my favorite refreshments. I also purchased a palm tree bottle opener. Both help to remind me of less stressful places.


One of the least expensive items I found was one that I gaze at all the time. This is a palm tree art glass sun catcher. It is in my window and captures the sun which lights up the palm tree. It also brings a smile to my face when the background outside is all covered with snow.


I love the beach and the sand, but my job keeps me far away. It is the little items I have used with the palm tree décor that helps me survive till my next vacation.


by Douglas Gray

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