There is Nothing like a Wind Chime to Remind you of the Beach

Beach Wind ChimeThere is Nothing like a Wind Chime to Remind you of the Beach


There is nothing like a wind chime to remind you of the beach. For those of you that might not understand this I will explain. At every beach in the world, there are constant breezes. This is a natural event that is caused by the difference in the way land and the sea absorbs the heat from the sun.


Since the sea absorbs the heat faster along with dissipating it quicker than land, there is a convex of energy given off. In the morning, the breeze is coming in off the sea. In the evening, when the sea is cooler than the land, the breeze is heading out to sea. Because of this constant breeze, items hanging near the beach area will be moving and making noise.


The use of a wind chime in a beach décor setting can help remind those around it that the breeze is present. With a wind chime is decorated with items that will remind you of the beach, such as sea shells or sea turtles, the reference to the fresh sea breeze can be imagined. This can occur each time there is a slight breeze moving the air around near your home.


The wind chimes in a beach décor setting can be made of generally two different types of chimes. This can be of the metal chimes that will make a nice soothing ding when the wind is blowing. This type is generally preferred by those that are just a little hard of hearing. The other type of wind chime would have the chimes made of wood or bamboo. The sound they would make when the wind is blowing is more like a thud. This is a sound you will hear naturally around a beach when the breeze is coming in or out. At times the sea breeze is strong and structures made of bamboo or other woods can become loose and smack up against other items at the beach. This thud is the same sound and can be a constant reminder of the beach.


For those of you that desire to have a constant breeze ion your patio, a fan can be set up to help blow on your wind chime. This might seem to be a little artificial, but the sound it will make will be more constant with what you remember at the beach. Remember when looking for using beach décor, it is the illusion of being somewhere else that is the main goal. This can be done with both visual stimulus items along with those things that make sounds like the wind chimes.


The reason being at a beach is such a preferred illusion is because it is a place many go on vacation. This is a place where the worries of the world are left behind and one can just relax. The use of a wind chime or two can help give this illusion of being at a beach each time the wind blows. With this world being so stressful, it will be the little things that help us make it through it.

by Douglas Gray

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