Fun Facts about Palm Trees

Posted by Douglas Gray on 2nd Aug 2014

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One of the unknown Fun Facts about Palm Trees is that they are technically considered a grass just like bamboo is. They are also native to warmer climates like the tropic and sub tropic regions of the world.

The tallest of the over 2,500 species of palm trees is the wax palm. This tree is native to mountain regions in the tropics like South America. It can reach up to 200 feet in height. It received its name from the waxy like substance that emanated from its leaves. The locals make soaps and candles from it.

The smallest of the palm trees on the planet earth is called the lady palm. Its average height is only 6 feet tall but has been known to reach 12 feet under prime conditions. This species can be found on the south eastern region of the United States. The Raffia palm has the largest fronds which can reach 66 feet in length.

For many when they think of a palm tree they think of the coconut tree. This is a native species on many tropical islands but is not the only fruit bearing palm tree. There is also the date palm native to the Middle East and the jelly palm of Brazil.

One of the species of coconut palm tree is the Coco De Mer Palm is has the largest seed of any plant in the world. Yes this is what most people think is a coconut.

The first signs in the fossil records of the palm tree date back to 70 million years ago. Most of the modern species alive today first surfaced around 60 million years ago.

There are two main divisions of palm trees. There are those with fan like palms and those with feather like palms or leaves. Unless forced too, palm trees only have one stem with the palm fronds on the top of the stem. The stem itself was designed by nature to bend and not to break. This is how they survive the hurricanes and typhoons in their natural habitats. 

Because there are no branches and the stem generally goes straight up, to climb the palm trees and reach the top or the fruit, notches are chopped out of the sides like little steps. This makes it possible for a person to climb the tree. In many places where monkeys are native, they are trained to climb the trees and release the fruit.

Unlike trees, the palm tree is really a grass and the trunk does not form rings but is fibrous instead. This is how they bend and do not break in 100 to 200 mph winds.

The palm tree is considered by many the bible or holy tree. For others the date palm is called the tree of life. Immaterial that this is not a true tree but a grass, the term palm tree will never go away. Only those that really know about this plant know that it is only a really tall and thick grass.