Fun Facts about Paradise

Posted by Douglas Gray on 6th Oct 2014

To have a list of Fun Facts about Paradise you would first need to know what is considered paradise. For most people, especially those that live in the colder climates, paradise is a warm tropical beach. Thoughts of sitting on a warm beach with a cool breeze coming off the ocean while your feet are in the sand are just plain relaxing for most. To bring those thoughts of Paradise home, TropicalBreezeDecor is the place to go.

Thoughts of paradise can also include the thousands of different types of flora such as the Hibiscus and Plumeria that are native to the warmer climates of the world. Not only do they bring color and beauty to any scene but they provide the air with a pleasant scent many people love to enjoy. Because tropical islands are in warm climates and there is a plentiful supply of rain fall, plants of all types grow in abundance and quickly. While it does take 30 years for a coconut tree to mature and bear fruit, most palm trees can being to produce shade within the first year or two.


Tropical islands are usually surrounded by sandy beaches. There a person can just sit and enjoy the scenery or play in the ocean. If the ocean is your source of fun then you might enjoy collecting the numerous sea shells that will be on the beach. In the tropics, the island beaches are known for an abundance of sea shells. This is because of the large population of mollusks that live just off shore. In some places sand dollars, star fish and even sea horses will be able to be seen.

In the evening the breeze on a tropical paradise island changes direction. No longer does the wind blow out to sea but comes in from the cooling off ocean with a cool breeze towards the hotter land. This is most noticeable on the beach just before and after dusk. The furniture most places provide is made out the local material found on the island, which is generally bamboo.

Bamboo is used since many of the varieties of species of this grass can grow up to 14 inches in a day. This occurs during the raining season so there is always a plentiful supply of raw materials to help visitors and islanders alike feel at home with comfort. Not only is furniture made from this sturdy grass, but also drink holders, chop sticks, placemats and other items closely associated with life on a tropical island.

Paradise means different things to different people around the world. For the masses that live in the colder climates where a person is stuck indoors for months during the winter, a warm island retreat is what dreams are made of. This is why it is very common for many people to decorate with island Tropical Breeze Decor. It is a subtle reminder of times when there was no snow around and a family can enjoy the sun without having to bundle up.