Fun Facts about the Beach

Posted by Douglas Gray on 18th Oct 2016

Included in the Fun Facts about The Beach is that nearly everyone enjoys visiting them. The beach is a place where dreams come true and imaginations can run wild.

The beach is a place where land meets the oceans or body of water. In some places this is a rocky place that does not seem too inviting. The type of places most people associate with a beach is on a tropical island where the sand runs for miles in both directions. The exact type of beach of an area is decided upon by the waves that interact with it. The gentle slope of the beach, the smaller and more gentle the waves are in that area.

For an area where there are only large rocks and practically no shoreline, the waves are large and powerful. These types of beaches are usually found up in the colder climates like the North Sea where violent storms are constantly occurring. The power of the waves constantly eroding the surface of the land it is interacting with.

Beach Sign

For those of you that have been to a beach and noticed a line of pebbles and stones that are above the tide mark, you just spotted the storm line. This is the level the water reached during the last storm that hit the beach. On weather reports it is referred to as the storm surge. If one is not present on the beach you are visiting then no storms have hit that area for a considerable amount of time.

Beaches come in a variety of lengths. Some are very small and can be located in private coves away from prying eyes. There are others like the Resort Strip in Virginia Beach. This is thought to be the longest pleasure beach in the world. It is 30 miles long and is in the Guinness Book of World Records.

America has more than 12,000 miles of coastline. The favorite beaches for a person would be determined by the reason they visit the beach. For surfers, they need to be on a part of the coastline that is open to the oceans and its influence on the waves. The most popular ones of this type are on the west coast mainly in California. At Ghost Tree and Half Moon Bay the waves have been known to reach 12 feet high.

If you prefer small waves and a peaceful setting, the Gulf of Mexico is the area you can find a beach of your desire. There the waves are tempered by the calm gulf and only have waves of any considerable size when a hurricane is present. The other times the beach and the waves are quite and the slope of the sand is minimal and stretch gradually down to the water line.

The beach is a place for fun and relaxation. Pick the one that fits your needs so you can enjoy it to the max.