Posted by Douglas Gray on 24th Apr 2015

Why are mermaids so much fun, I enjoy looking at them all the time. The mermaid is the mythical creature from the sea that many sailors have talked about for centuries. They are generally half woman and half fish, but some female sailors have claimed to see the male counterpart in their travels over the centuries.

The mermaid exudes the imagination of those that wish they were real. They are majestic and beautiful to all of those that have supposedly encountered them. For this reason they bring joy to many sailors’ faces when they think about these beauties.

To help immortalize these mythical creatures, their images are created in both cartoon type characters along with realistic ones. One example of a realistic type mermaid would be with the Mermaid Christmas Ornament (871-48) from TropicalBreezeDecor. This depicts the mermaid swimming under the sea near a coral bed.


Mermaids are not only known for going to the surface where they are seen by passing sailors, but also for playing on the bottom of the ocean. The Mermaid Hideaway coffee mug (818-43) and paper cocktail napkins (15-153) can provide you with this serene image. These two items will always be a hit with your guests along with being a great conversation starter.

The ladies can also have fun with mermaids. Just like the ladies that breathe air can have a girl’s night out, so can the ladies of the sea. To help place this image in the minds of your friends on the next girls night out meting you can use the Mermaid Paper Cocktail “Girls Night Out” (15059). This will definitely get the ladies in your group talking on subjects that might surprise you or even embarrass you.

Another fun item that involves the depiction of a mermaid is the Mermaid Soap Set (40-506). This is a simple but effective path you can take to set the right mood in your home when that special guest is over. Its subtle message of mystery and clean fresh aroma is pleasing to all.

For those of you that wish to have a mermaid in the window you can use window art. The Mermaid Oval Art Glass Suncatcher (MO254) is one that will surely draw many glances from your guests. This is a beautiful piece of art work that fills the room with color when the sun is shining on it. This depiction of a mermaid is on hand painted glass that is water cut then fired so the paint will not fade. The picture is a mermaid sitting on the shoreline with an old tall ship in the background. This is how most sailors saw mermaids, from a distance.

The mythical mermaid is one of the most favorite images of sailors and men alike. They represent that anything is possible and that dreams do come true. This is why they are such a welcome sight in a home or office.