My Beach Bathroom

Posted by Douglas Gray on 15th Sep 2014

Beach Lovers, beware! My bathroom looks just like I'm at the beach. I have decided to transform this room because of its small size and ease to do so. It is a place no one really wants to be, but have to use on a regular basis. Because of this I wanted to make my bathroom a place that would cheer me up no matter what mood the world has thrown at me.

When I was making my decision on just what theme to use I thought back on the many bathrooms I used while I was in the tropics. I remember seeing palm trees, dolphins, banana trees, fish and sea shells.

Tropical Dolphin

I really liked the Dolphin Cove Shower curtain (43027) along with the Dolphin Cove Shower Curtain hooks (12-43537) but I then decided against them. They do add a great deal of color to my bathroom; but they seemed more of a swimming in the tropics rather than sunning on a beach.

There was also the West Palm look with its soap dish (40408), toothbrush holder (40410), tumbler (40409), lotion dispenser (40411), wicker waste bucket (40416) and shower curtain (40413) with hooks (40414), with three basic colors to the set. They do give you the feeling you are at the beach sitting under the shade of a Palm Tree, and you can almost feel the wind blowing through the rustling palm fronds. They are perfect for an upscale beach look, but I really like the rustic look.

Then I saw the Oasis Palm Tree theme products. These were of the highest scale I found and their appearance showed it. Not only were there the toothbrush holder (13587B), tumbler (13587A) and soap dish (13587C) but also hand towels (35872), fingertip towels (35874) and bath towels (35871) are in this set that would again make my bathroom elegant.

The Banana Palm theme set of items was the most complete set I could find. This set has realistic banana palms on ceramic to help give them a more realistic look than some of the other lines. There was the lotion dispenser (10302D), toothbrush holder (10302B), tumbler (10302A), soap dish (10302C) and waste basket (10302F), but also a tissue holder (10302E) and waste basket (10302F). To help complete this line were all the towels you might want including the bath towels (3021), finger towels (3024), hand towel (3022) and a wash cloth (3023). There is also the shower curtain (10302H) with hooks (10302G) to complete this set in pure class.

The theme I finally settled on was the one that gave me the best feeling of the beach. This was the Sea Shell Sarasota look. All of the items were made out of easy to clean ceramic; they looked like real sea shells. The soap dish (43881) looks like half of a clam shell. There is also the toothbrush holder (43883) along with what appears to be a wrapped set of shells for the tumbler (43882) and the lotion dispenser (SLD01). The shower curtain hooks (43887) and the wicker waste basket (43885) both have what appears to be real shells on them. To complete this look is the shower curtain (43876) and the 3 piece towel set (800103). Just gazing on these sea shells help me to feel the sand in my feet and long for the times I have spent at the beach.