Small Tropical Paradise Oasis

Posted by Douglas Gray on 31st Oct 2014

Make your home a small Tropical Paradise Oasis away from the busy life with Tropical beach décor. This adjustment will change the ambiance of your place into a relaxing location you look forward to coming home to when you are away from your home and family. This can be done easier than you might expect and at a lower cost than most would believe. At TropicalBreezeDecor, we specialize in bringing the Tropics into your daily life.

To begin the transition of your home to the oasis you desire, the entrance is the first place to start. This is where a beach flag or sign would help set the mood of all that enter the dwelling. The message has to he clearly understood at a glance which is why the Beach House Rules sign (41-827) and Welcome to the Beach, No Worries Allowed (41-838) are popular choices. It instructs all that enter to relax, unwind and enjoy themselves. Another popular beach decor item is the Beach Theme Floor Mat (16518). With just a picture of a beach house surrounded by palm trees to wipe your feet on, the message that you are at a relaxing place will be clearly understood.

Tropical Decor

Once inside your new oasis, the right mood has to be set for the home owner. This can be assisted by have a Palm Tree Embossed Metal Bowl  (9435) that is large enough to hold your keys in a place where they can be easily found. This same bowl can also be used on any table filled with candy or other snacks. If there is no table by the front door then the Palm Tree Wall Key Hook (S908) can do the trick. With two majestic palm trees and 4 hooks for keys there is room for all members of your family to have a place there while sending a subliminal message that you are now in a relaxing paradise.

Changing the theme of your home to a small hidden Tropical oasis can include Pillows with Tropical Flowers on them, or just the placement of small items around your home to give you the feeling you desire. The Tropical Dolphin Journey Mug (03279000) or Harbor Sea Turtle (818-42) coffee mugs can help place you in the right frame of mind first thing in the morning or after a long grueling day at work. The mugs, just like any tumbler or glasses with a beach or tropical décor theme to them will help set the right mood. This is done each time you look at your drink as you are picking it up.

The bathroom can be easily transformed into a Paradise Oasis with  tropical beach decor. This is because of the small space it occupies. Just a few items in here like the Banana Palm Tree soap dish (10302C) and the matching Banana Palm toothbrush holder (10302B) on your sink will be seen be all that use this room and wash their hands when they are done. Complete the oasis with a matching shower curtain and towels.

Changing your home into a small hidden oasis is easy with the right tropical décor items placed throughout the dwelling. They will help you and your guests to relax and enjoy time being spent there with dreams of the South Pacific and the path to escaping to a place where time stands still.