Tropical Beach Welcome Door Mat

Posted by Douglas Gray on 14th Nov 2014

No better way to welcome your friends than with a tropical beach welcome door mat. This is the first impression your friends and strangers alike will have about your home when they come to visit. The Beach House in the Palms Floor Mat (16518) makes a positive impression on all that wipe their feet on it. It has palm trees swaying in the tropical beach breeze surrounding a small ocean cottage. It gives the sense that those in this home are cheerful and relaxed who treat their guests with respect.

There is such a wonderful variety of different theme door mats for you to choose from at Tropical Breeze Décor . This makes it easier for you to find the right one to help send the message you want to your arriving guests.

pink flamingos mat

One of our most popular door mats is the Palm Tree Tapestry Floor mat (17913D). This scene is one of the most relaxing and inviting you will be able to find. Central in the rug is a large tropical Palm Tree with its graceful look. This one just oozes the message of all that enter are welcome here and it is time to relax.

If you wish to send a direct message to your arriving guests then the Sea Shell Themed Mat with the saying “Relax, another day at the Beach” (12335D) might be better suited for your front door. This simply but surely spells out the mood your arriving guests have waiting for them when they enter your home.

For others they might like the StarFish Floor mat (12320D). This depicts a starfish in all the relaxing splendor of that humble yet beautiful ocean sea life.

The welcome mat you decide on for your home is the first impression all that enter will have about you and your family. This decision should not be taken lightly if you wish to influence the mood of all that enter your dwelling. By placing an island theme door mat at your front door, you can make your home a peaceful place no matter who is visiting.