Blue Whale Blow Marine Fish Floor Rug - JB-AS007

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Whale Accent Rug. Blue Whale Blow Marine Fish Floor Rug - JB-AS007 is a Machine Washable Accent Rug.  It measures about 21" x 33" and is 1/4" thick.

This rug has Blue Whale in full blow with a bird perched on the tail, and fish in the blue waves.  This Floor Rug is sure to complement any Kitchen or Bathroom floor!  It also makes a great Welcome Mat! Artist is Amy Schimler-Safford.

Jellybean® rugs are machine washable and are designed to be washed just like a pair of jeans. These colorful rugs are great for inside or outside use. They are very soft on bare feet. You can use these rugs in your bathroom, by the kitchen sink, or as your pet's favorite napping spot. Jellybean® rugs also make great gifts!

35% of the material in a Jellybean® rug is made from recycled materials!