Bring Home the Beach

Bring Home the Beach

If you can't be at the beach, then bring some of the beach home. Then try getting our beach decor products to assist you in creating the ambiance of the beach in your home. This way you can be in the most relaxing mood you know of every day.

Anthurium Flower night lightsTo help make this a reality I have combined the themes of palm trees, flip flops and tropical flowers to help bring the beach home with me. One of the greatest additions to this is the placement of several Anthurium Flower night lights in the outlets around the entrance way. I have them connected to a light switch in my home so they are the only things illuminated when I first enter my home with their faint red glow.

Once the lights are on I see my sign Sitting by the Beach that reminds me that heaven is never closer than those times spent at the beach. It helps to change my mood from the impression the rat race left on me each day to one of relaxation and ease. Then I head to the bar for a cool tropical cocktail on one of my favorite tumblers that is covered with flip flops. When I am in the mood for a shot, then the Surf Board Meeting or I’m too sexy for my flip flops glasses are very handy and help to set the right mood I wish to be in.

Garlic peanuts are a favorite snack of the tropical islands in the western portion of the pacific. So I can have my share, I place them in a wooden bowl in the shape of a pineapple. This makes it easier for me to close my eyes while sitting on the patio thinking I am back in paradise. To please my wife I use the Sea Shell themed coasters to help protect the table tops from the moisture my cool drink will produce on the outside. This way I not only make her happy but also get to see sea shells and a sea horse when I pick up my glass.

My wife is always by my side, whether at the beach or in our patio area. Each evening she joins me for a drink. Her preference is wine so she brings with her the Sea Shell Wine Cooler. This way she can sit and relax while drinking her cool wine without the bother of having to get up after each glass. She also likes to light the Tea Light candles in the Starfish holders we have. For her the beach means walking it and looking for sea shells, sand dollars and starfishes. It is what brings her back to the relaxing time we spent at the beach.

Bringing the beach home in the easiest manner can be accomplished with references to the beach that you enjoy the most. I one item I suggest you leave there on the beach is the sand. It is almost impossible to get out of thick carpeting.

by Douglas Gray

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