Laurel Burch Wild Cats Pocket Shoulder Tote Bag LB5341

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Laurel Burch Wild Cats Pocket Shoulder Tote Bag -   Laurel Burch Black and Tan Wild Cats Large canvas Pocket shoulder tote bag has two front pockets - one with a zipper closure and one a snap top.  Laurel Burch has drawn three Wild Cats with geometric desigs and blue accent piping. Tan background make the two felines with their bright eyes the focal point on this Large Shoulder Tote.  It features the front two pockets, a top zipper closure, 2 canvas handles, a small zipper pocket inside. Part of the stunning Laurel Burch Folklorica Collection. This Large Wild Cats Pocket Shoulder Tote is a Large Shoulder Tote Bag that is the perfect size for a beach bag, travel bag, knitting bag or workout bag: the perfect size to catch all of your running around stuff. Measures approximately  16"x4.5"x13".