Laurel Burch Mara Cat Large Scoop Tote - LB5850

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Laurel Burch Mara Cat Large Scoop Tote This is a large scoop tote that shows off in a variety of bright colors and designs. A bright, colorful cat is on the front corner of the tote, behind a bright multi colored flower. The background is black in color and has a variety of patterns in grey. Also, the side pockets on the tote, and top of the tote are trimmed in a vibrant red around a black and white design, with a red and black shoulder strap. This tote also includes a cute tassel embellishment hanging from the strap.
Cotton Canvas.
Measurements (wide x deep x tall) approx 20" x 6" x 14.5" Handle/strap length drop 9" Top Closure zipper Inside pockets zip pocket, open pouch pocket Exterior pockets One on each end Other water resistant interior, reinforced bottom panel