Why I Collect Tropical & Beach Theme Napkins

Tropical Seashells NapkinsWhy I Collect Tropical & Beach Theme Napkins


The reason I collect Tropical & Beach theme napkins is very simple. I enjoy being reminded of the most relaxing place I have ever found in all of my travels. These two patterns follow either the tropical décor or beach decor path for decorating. Both of which I really like to be surrounded with.


One of the reasons for my collection of both the beach and tropical theme napkins is the extremely low cost of them. At the many resorts I have visited, the waitresses have always been obliging to give me more than I have used. They understand that I desire to take a little piece of paradise home with me. The one drawback, at least for me is that most of the napkins I accumulated overseas have the name of the place I was visiting. While this is nice, the best part of the tropics cannot be found in a restaurant. The true beauty of the tropics is in the flora and jungle regions of the islands I visited. This is why looking for tropical décor and beach décor items are now a passion of mine. It helps me to remember the special little places off the beaten path that I have enjoyed.


By looking online at all of the different patterns I find help me to reminisce about those wonderful places. It helps to bring back the relaxing atmosphere I experienced while on my visit. This is the purpose of knick knacks and items according to my mother. They are there to help remind you a place you have enjoyed in the past and wish to return too. It is a way of placing happy thoughts in your mind no matter what you mood might be at the end of a tough day at work.


Some of the patterns I have found looking up tropical and beach décor include palm trees, sea turtles, mermaids, sea shells and tropical flowers. I can imagine each one as a different image of a place I have visited while traveling in the tropics. For many this might sound a little silly, but when a northeastern is blowing in and the snow is near whiteout condition, I am glad for these warm and soothing visions I can think of. It also helps to warm me up.


We all deal with the real world the best we can and in a manner that best suits our personality and preferences. For me it is the collecting of tropical and beach napkins. They are extremely inexpensive passion while still helping me to fill my head with warm and soothing thoughts of wonderful places around the middle of the earth.


To help accent many of the tropical and beach décor napkins I have found online are the napkin holders, which follow the same pattern as the napkins themselves. I have found this to be a wonderful way to display them around my home to help remind me of my happy places.

by Douglas Gray

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