I Decorated my Bedroom with Tropical Decor

Tropical Beach Car WoodyI Decorated my Bedroom with Tropical Decor


I decorated my bedroom with Tropical Décor because this was the atmosphere I enjoyed the most. This made it possible for me to escape to a land where it was always warm and inviting that had plenty of color while helping me to relax along the way.


I started out with simple little things that would add character to my room. This way it would be a gradual process of transforming my room with Tropical Décor into the most relaxing place in my home. The leading reason I did this in my bedroom was from remember how well I sleep when I was on vacation in the tropics.


My sleep back in the states was affected by the rat race I had to live and work in on a daily basis. This fast pace made me very restless, even in the evening after it was over. This is when I decided to use Tropical Décor to help me deal with the stress.


I started out simple with a surfboard beach towel as a tapestry. This was a very relaxing thing to see when I would lay down to sleep and wake up too. Another thing I added right away was a keyhole cover with a bikini on it. This was on the bathroom door. This might seem a little silly, but I like it. I do not lock the bathroom door, but just gazing upon it places a smile on my face.


To help me visualize the sea breeze I then purchased a Sea Turtle shaped electrical fan. This helped me considerably when I would close my eyes and felt the slight breeze on my cheeks. It was one of the things I remembered the most just before falling to sleep in the tropics when I was there.


Another reminder of the tropics that this type of décor helps me to visualize is all of the beautiful and fragrant flowers that were always around. The ones that I can find most available in the forms of candle holders, vases and on printed items are the Bird of Paradise and the Hibiscus. Both types of flowers can only be found naturally in the tropics and you will only see them in this region of the world. By just seeing a picture or a candle holder with one of these flowers on it is a subliminal reminder of being in the most relaxing place on earth.


It is the relaxing ambience I enjoy the most about using the tropical décor in my bedroom. I would use it throughout my home, but I fear I might miss my island escape too much and not return from my next vacation or forget to go to work. While that is a real enticing idea, my career and goals for the future would then go unfulfilled. By keeping my safe and relaxing place in check, I can have the best of both worlds to enjoy at my leisure.

by Douglas Gray

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