Decorating with our Beach Theme Items

Decorating with our Beach Theme Items

 Beach DecorIf you have a small apartment; make it appear larger by decorating with our beach theme items. Since space is limited, the only way to feel you are in a larger space is to create an illusion of space. In the past many people have used mirror to create this effect. Today you have another option available to you. There is the Bamboo Beach Window art or Curtain (00171). This can be placed in front of any window or just on a blank wall. Both ways you will get the desired effect of having a larger space than you really do.

 The Bamboo Window art is framed with three rows of bamboo looking material to give you the illusion of a doorway being in the place you hang this curtain. With no door attached, the scene outside is of palm trees and a sand path leading to a beach in the background. This illusion is so real looking, you wish it was true and you were there. To assist in the illusion, a sign reading simply Beach (112220) that has a fish on it and a directional arrow pointing to you new doorway is beneficial.

 If the use of bamboo is too rustic for your small apartment then you have another option. There is the two panel Island Breeze Curtain (40700). This has the appearance of a double door with white frames that are open. The opening is tiled for a small platform where there is a pair of flip flops just waiting to be used. Then you enter the beach area where there is a cozy lounge chair just waiting to be occupied that is sitting under a large green palm tree. Also just outside the doors are flowers on both side of the entrance way and of course there is the beach in the near distance.

 Here again the right sign would help to add a realistic touch to the scene. The large Welcome to the Beach (33368C) or Sunbathing (11222B) sign would be appropriate. Since the mural has tile as the floor just as you walk out the door, the use of the Beach Theme Floor Mat “ Relax at the Beach “ (12236D) would add depth to the illusion. Just remember to place it so people reading it would be coming in from the beach or backwards to the room.

 Beach DecorTo make a small apartment seem larger than it really is does not require a person to be a magician. All you need is the right visual aids and accompanying items to be placed around your apartment to give the allure of reality of the beach inspired theme. The human mind is a wonderful and powerful tool that can be used to your advantage. By placing a few knick knacks like flip flop coasters (19679) or a Harbor Palm Tree mug (818-19) around the apartment, anyone can pull this illusion off.

by Douglas Gray

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