Family Traditions

Family Traditions

Shell PlateAll of our Island decor gifts are filled with memories that help to evoke pure fun that your friend and family will love and remember as they grow and create their own family traditions. This is easy to do with a tropical theme in your home when it is cold outside. The great side effect is that each family member will forget about the cold and be more relaxed and comfortable.

One way to help set the theme of your new family tradition could be to use the Bamboo Rectangular Placemats (9522). These come in a set of 2 and are hand made from real bamboo. This is a grass that is not native to North America, but in the tropics, it is everywhere. These placemats are easy to clean with a damp cloth and give your dinner table a relaxing feature like no other.

Traditions are created when the same thing or items are used at a particular time of the year for many years. Just like the serving of a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, the use of a particular set of dishes can also set a new family tradition. For those that love the beach and tropical theme décor, the use of Sea Shell Ceramic Dessert Plates (108322) can be used. By serving Grandma’s famous apple pie or peach cobbler on it can create a tradition that will bring back memories of past family celebrations. There are 4 different sea shells in each set that allows for a person to always get the same dish every year if they wish it so. If you would prefer to use a more realistic dish then the Sea Shells “Tradewinds” Dessert Plate (40116) might be more to your liking. This measures 8” in diameter and is in the shape of a clam shell. It is the perfect dish to serve a family favorite sea food salad on that your family loves.

Pink Flamingo PlateIt is all about creating familiarity with certain items and events or celebrations that bring the value to any family tradition. You can do this by using the Pink Flamingo Chip and Dip Server (17802). By only using this serving dish at a few family celebrations, a tradition can begin. This way when the children see it over the years, they know what to expect at that family gathering. It can also be used to serve a specific snack each time along with an always loved dip your family enjoys. This is a ceramic dish that has separate places for the dip and chips or vegetables. It is nearly 15” long and 10” wide so refilling it will not have to occur on a regular basis unless the family is always digging in.

Traditions are different for each family around the world. There are no wrong traditions and they always help those that are gathered to remember past times when they were with their loved ones.

by Douglas Gray

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