Why do Pink Flamingos Remind us of the Tropics

Pink Flamingo FigurinesWhy do Pink Flamingos Remind us of the Tropics


Why do Pink Flamingos remind us of the tropics is because this is their natural habitat. Another reason is because of the film Pink Flamingos in 1972 that spanned a popular trend of placing plastic replicas of them in yards across America to help one think they were in a warmer climate.


The original plastic Pink flamingo used in the Pink Flamingo Décor by many people was originally made in 1957. The artist that first made them was named Don Featherstone. Original pink flamingos can still be found and indentified because they have his signature on their rear belly.


Since they became popular the use of Pink Flamingo Décor has expanded will beyond the limitations of just placing plastic replicas of the bird in your yard. You can have them on an outside thermometer, in signs and flags to help set the mood and atmosphere of being in the tropics surrounded by these graceful and beautiful animals. To help light up the night there is even an 8 foot strand of pink flamingo lights that can be found.


You can also use the Pink Flamingo Décor around the inside of your home to increase the relaxing mood these wonderful and exotic birds bring with them naturally. They can be found on the end of spread knives as decoration to help set the atmosphere when having guest over and enjoying a snack. They can also be used as cork bottle tops to give your bar a unique and unusual appearance for all that visit your dwelling.


The use of pink flamingos in wall décor, on napkins and even coasters is one of the many ways people have brought these exotic birds into their home without the mess and destruction of having a live one present. They seem to add a sense of grace and welling to any home they are adorned in.


As ironic as it might sound, the plastic Pink Flamingo is the only man made bird that is also an official bird for a city. This is up in the northern state of Wisconsin in a town called Madison. That is how influential this little pink, long legged bird has become over the years since it was first introduced.


For most people that have seen the Pink Flamingo in their natural habitat or in film will remember them on a pond or lake. Their take off is smooth and graceful. This is usually with palm trees in the back ground help give the allure of peace and relaxation. The same feeling people get when they think about the tropics.


By using the Pink Flamingo Décor approach to decorating your home, you can easily add tropical flowers and other items seen in the topics that would fit like a glove in that setting. This path to decorating allows a wide assortment of options that will also include beach décor and palm trees. This way you are not limited to just this graceful pink bird in what you decide to purchase.


by Douglas Gray

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