Fun Housewarming Gifts

Fun Housewarming Gifts

A great item to give to a friend for a housewarming gift can have a tropical or beach theme to help make them feel more comfortable in their new surroundings. The tropical theme in a house warming gift is the one that is always welcome and can fit into any décor the new home owners might wish to take.

Chilling Out NapkinsThis can be in the form of a simple set of cocktail napkins that give the Beach Forcast on them. It clearly states the outlook is for 100% Chilling Out. This is a nice and non-conformational gift you can give that is actual practical. It has a happy sun in sunglasses peering on a beach with a palm tree and relaxing beach chair. They can also be used to help clean up any spill that might occur.

Another very nice and practical house warming gift that is a Single Absorbent Coaster Mermaid with the saying “Friends are Welcome” on it. This coaster is only 3.7 inches square but helps to send out a clear message that you have felt welcome in the new home of your friends and are glad they moved in. It is appropriate for both new neighbors and old friends with a friendly gesture that naturally is implied by this gift. Best of all the cost is less than $3.

Welcome to ParadiseThe reason for giving a house warming gift is to help the new family feel welcome in their new dwelling. This can be accomplished with a simple gift of the Welcome to Paradise Garden Flag. No need to read between the lines since there is only three words on this flag “Welcome to Paradise”. This is a clear message that will be understood and appreciated by anyone who receives it. The beach chairs on the beach are naturally depicted with neutral blue and tan as the colored background that can easily fit into any theme or décor the new home already has.

If the new home owners enjoy a cocktail after wok then maybe to get the evening started the Flamingo Wood Sign “Its five O’clock Somewhere” might be appropriate. This sign has a pink Flamingo looking anxiously at a daiquiri glass in great anticipation. It measures only 9 and half inched by just over 5 inches so it is small but still sends a wonderful message of its time to relax and feel welcome.

A simple housewarming gift that will blend in with any décor is the Pineapple Ceramic Dip Bowl. This gift shows you care about the people you are giving it too along with giving an item that can be useful. The new owners can use it to serve their guest nuts or snacks along with being the place for their keys when they enter their new dwelling.Pineapple Bowl

The purpose of a housewarming gift is to make the new occupants feel at home in their new surroundings. In the past a casserole might have been appropriate, but today a gift that lasts longer than a meal will show long lasting friendship has been offered.

by Douglas Gray

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