My Best Birthday was Getting a Beach Flag

Tropical Beach FlagMy Best Birthday was Getting a Beach Flag


My best birthday was getting a beach flag, for you see I knew that that meant. My wife had finally conceded to help me transform our home with tropical and beach décor. This is what I have been asking, or really begging her to help me do since we moved in a couple of months ago.


As with all flags, the beach flag is a symbol. It was the acknowledgement that our home is a place of relaxation and warmth, just as a beach is. This is a necessary thing since I work a very tiring job that has a high level of stress. To top things off, the rat maze I have to pass thru to get to and from work is for most people, a nightmare. Without a place to unwind and relax, I do not think I could survive this city.


The first thing I did with my new beach flag was to place it outside on the porch. This way I would be reminded about the relaxing and warm place in the sun each and every time I would be arriving home. The next step was to see what else my wife would help me pick out in the beach décor theme.


It is true that there are a great number of flip flops at the beach, but it is the sea shells that remind me most of the beach and sea. This is the reason I then purchased the sea shell sign that showed how I really felt about the beach. It simply stated “Just another day in Paradise”. I then collected a variety of towels with sea shells on them to use around the house. This include the bar and kitchen. I left the bathroom without any since there it would remind me of the sand that always got stuck between my toes.


For my sweet loving wife, I found the most adorable sea shell earrings. This way she could have a personal item from the beach that also showed how much I approached her. For me it also helps her to transform into the mermaid of my dreams in my thoughts. For you see, I met her at the beach just over a year ago and have always thought that she was a gift from the sea.


To help transform the bar with the beach décor, I replaced all of the bottle tops with decorated stoppers. I found dolphins, flip flops and an assortment of palm tree stoppers to help with this transformation. To assist in opening the beer and soda bottles I also invested in a beach bum bottle opener. This I loved since that was my first and most loved career. Unfortunately you cannot be a success while being a bum.


Yes the best birthday present I have ever received was the beach flag from my loving wife. It was her way of showing me she had accepted my idea about how I wanted our house to be decorated in the beach décor.

by Douglas Gray

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