Handcrafted Items

Handcrafted Items

These fun items have been handcrafted with a design that will thrill everyone who sees them. This also makes each one unique, if only slightly. You know that each item was crafted by an artesian who has taken great pride in their work and the resulting items show it.

Pink Flamingo OrnamentThe hand blown glass ornaments fit this description like no others. Our selection includes two of these fine handcrafted pieces of art. There is the Glass Ornament Flamingo (856-93), and the Glass Ornament Sea Horse (859-14). The flamingo stands just over 3” tall and is white with red. The sea horse is less than 3” and has blue, green aqua and cream colors in it. They catch the sun’s rays when in the window and are an eye catcher by those that walk into the room. They can also be used on a Christmas tree to add a tropical theme to your celebration.

Another of our Christmas decorations that can also be used the full year is the Santa Tiki Hut Christmas Ornament (870-96). This is another fine work of art that is made by hand. This ornament is in the shape of a sign that has Santa inviting you to a Tiki Bar while asking the question “why Limit Happy to just One Hour”. It is made out of wood and is hand painted and helps to get your guests to relax.

For those of you that appreciate hand crafted candle holders, we also have a few of them. One of our more popular ones is the Starfish Sculptured Votive Candle Holder (21044). This hand painted candle holder stands 3” tall and has 2 starfish overlapping on it. Each one of them is of a different texture that makes them appear more realistic.

CandleA handcrafted set of art items with a tropical theme would never be complete without at least one item that used Capiz shells in it. We have three of them to choose from. These are our Capiz Desk Clocks. They are all made from hand sculpted metal inlaid with Capiz shells that capture the light and brighten up the room they are in. There is the Tropical Fish (DFA2239), the Palm Tree (DFA2242) and my favorite the Sailboat (DFA2243).

The sailboat stands 11” high and is 8” wide. Metal forms the backbone of the sail and the boat along with the waves it is resting on. The sail has both tan and turquoise colored Capiz shells with a tan makeup for the boat itself. It is a true eye catcher sitting on any desk.

The Palm Tree Capiz Clock is really a coconut tree. This was done by the artist when they sculpted this design by placing coconuts in the tree. It is colored green brown and tan in the appropriate places to help make this Capiz clock look as realistic as possible. It stands 10” with a base of 5.5”.

The tropical Fish clock looks like a sunfish but is taller. This fish reaches 9.5” and has turquoise, gold and brown coloring of the Capiz shells.

Handcrafted items just seem to always be better. They have the personal attention to detail only an artesian will pace in their work that makes they truly valuable.

by Douglas Gray

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