Beach Holiday Dreams

Beach Holiday Dreams


Parrots of Paradise Garden Flagtn-102093.jpgOur tropical beach items will help make your beach holiday dreams complete while taking in the beautiful thoughts of the sandy beach with a golden sunset. This can all begin with our Parrot House Flag “Paradise” (on left). A beautiful red macaw is there just looking at you when you peer at this wall decoration. It is nestled in colorful flora with palm leaves around it. With all of the tropical flora you will feel like you are in the tropics and near a beach. There are also other flags like the Parrots of Paradise Garden Flag (on right) that realistically depicts several brightly colored birds including a Red Macaw in their natural surroundings.


The use of Mother Nature with color in the tropical zone of earth is one of her most consistent features. Everywhere you look in that part of the world is a wide assortment of bright colors. It is in the jungles, gardens and in the colors of the homes people choose to live in. To help give your home that same uplifting feeling, the use of these same colors is a must.

If you wish you were at the beach this upcoming Christmas Holiday then the Christmas Coastal Wreath House Flag  would be appropriate. This is a hand crafted item that has a traditional wreath with sea shells and starfishes incorporated in it. In the middle of the design there is a scene of the beach and the waves flowing in to help give you that cheerful and relaxing feeling of the season.


If the holiday you are planning for is a birthday, then the beach theme cards would be a great change of pace along with sending a cheerful message. One that plays a parody of the post office is the one titled Going Coastal (BDG45939). This has three party ragging parrots enjoying a few drinks while riding a large wave on their way the parrot beach party. There is also the “Another year Older, Global Chilling Birthday Card. This has a parrot on it that seems to really know how to relax and party on the beach with a surf board handy and a palm tree hat on his head.


A tropical magnet that puts it all in perspective is the Parrot Theme Magnet “A Bad Day on Vacation” (MGR31177). The final part of that famous saying “Always beats a Good Day at Work”. This is a positive trigger for a great number of people to remember the good times they had while in the tropics on their last trip.


Dolphin Crossing signSea Turtle Crossing SignFor the children and animal lovers there is the Dolphin Crossing sign (on left) and the Sea Turtle Crossing Sign (on right). Both of these help people to recall the animals they loved to see while they were in the tropics on the sea. They are both 12” square but made to be hung by one of the corners to help resemble a real crossing sign.


The beach holiday dreams people have will always come from a part of their past experiences. So it is great to keep some tropical items around to help us make a positive contribution to these dreams and help make them easier to feel while we are sleeping or day dreaming in the office.


Build memories today - Happy tropical gift hunting!

by Douglas Gray

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