Bringing Home the Tropics

Bringing Home the Tropics


There is nothing like bringing home the tropics with gifts that will help remind you of that little piece of heaven you found. There are times when you are on vacation - you relax to the point that you do not have your mind focused about the little details, like work issues. This is ok since you went on vacation to relax anyway.


To help fill the void of those little mementos is our web store called Tropical Breeze Decor. We have many of the tropical items you wanted to return with you from your trip along with many more you might have just missed while on vacation. We also have what you will need to help recreate a tropical theme in your den, kitchen or entire home.


The bringing back of memories can be as easy as with the right coffee mug like our Dolphin MugDolphin Cove Mug or our Flip Flop Mug. This way you can get your morning started with relaxing memories instead of the rat race you are about to encounter. The Pineapple Spreader is another item you can use in the morning to serve yourself butter and jam on your toast or bagel. It is the small things like these that help send a soothing subliminal message that can help cut the stress in your otherwise busy life.


The office is another place that tropical items can have that appreciative soothing effect on one’s psyche. The seeing of your child’s face in the picture on your desk with a stack of Sticky Note with an Aloha design or a Flip Flop Pad next to it can be all that is needed to see their smile again when they were playing on the beach building their wonderful sand castle for you. It is this small type of reminder that is non-distracting for the visitors to your office, but enough to help you make it through a tough and grueling day.


The patio is a place many Americans go to after work to unwind and relax.25255a.jpg This is the easiest place to introduce a relaxing tropical theme into your surroundings. This can be done with a simple set of Aqua Sea Turtle String Lights or our Palm Tree Lights to help illuminate your relaxing area. Both of these are real mood setters and will help create the right ambiance you desire for the time you are spending with your family or just plain relaxing.


By bringing home the tropics, you are inviting into your dwelling the memories of time you spent in a breezy and warm place relaxing with those you love. These are the good and long lasting memories we all hold dear to our hearts. The small mementos that are bought back from the vacation or purchased online, are there to just trigger a memory of those happy times. While a person can recreate a tropical themed home anywhere in the world, it is more realistic to just have a little piece of it to help you escape to a time when you were there.

by Douglas Gray

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