We're the House with the Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo DecorWe're the House with the Pink Flamingo


We're the house with the Pink Flamingo setting in the front yard. This is how very few people can describe directions to their visitors who want to come over for a spell. It is also one of the most distinctive ways of separating your home from all the others in the neighborhood. It is the type of decoration that will get noticed and remembered, especially the farther north you go.


For many using a pink flamingo would then be considered using pink flamingo décor, but this is not always the case. The pink flamingo is a bird whose habitat is set in the tropical regions of the world. Their summer breading grounds are located in the southern tips of both the Americas and Africa. This is a common migration pattern for tropical birds. Because they are most widely seen in topical settings in the Caribbean and around the Mediterranean, using them could be considered a tropical décor theme.


Immaterial of which décor you claim to use, the pink flamingo is an attractive and distinctive use of outdoor art. Most homes that have one or more of the pink birds in their yard also have other items with a pink flamingo on them. The help to set the tone of the place they inhabit.


For placement of one or more pink flamingos in your yard, there is no real custom. You can set them near then bushes or in the middle of the yard. There is no right or wrong way to display them. One of the more common elements in the way a home owner displays their pink flamingos are to have them near the walkway. This can be either the one going up to the front door as a kind of welcoming committee. They can also be placed on the path towards the backyard or patio as a directional instrument. Both ways are acceptable and used in the yards across America.


The use of pink flamingo décor in earnest should have some water features. This is because the pink flamingo is a water fowl. While they can float on top of the water, there prefer the shallow area where they can peer down at the water from on top of their long skinny legs. This is how they prefer to hunt for the creatures in the water they eat. It is also the most common pose that is used by the manufactures of them. This can be a simple pond in the yard that can have fish in it.


The use of the pink flamingo décor is not a very common one, but is still very popular. It had it heights in popularity back in the 1960s and 70s. As with all trends, they come and go. Even when they dropped out of being widely popular, many home owners refused to redecorate and have kept this unique and beautiful theme for their home to express. The pink flamingo will always be an iconic symbol that will never go out of style in the hearts and minds of those that like them.


by Douglas Gray

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