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Best Beach Housewarming GiftTropical Decor Flag


Best beach housewarming gift is something that is simple and inexpensive but still delivers the right message. It could be a simple as a sign that states “Home is where you plant your umbrella” or “Life is too short to only go to the beach on the weekends”. It is something like this that can help the new home owner to set the right mood for the home.


When thinking about Beach Decor, one can also include Tropical Decor, Island Decor, Palm Tree Decor or Hawaiian Decor. Each one is relatively close because they all use same type of climate and surroundings, warmth and the beach, as their inspiration.


When thinking about the beach, most people will first think about the sun and waves, but there is so much more. Many people like to enjoy the quite sounds of the waves coming in and the serenity of night. This is when a beach blanket and cool drinks should come to mind. To help set this mood in the privacy of your own home or your friends home, the use of a simple dolphin bottle stopper cork can do the trick. This is a great house warming gift that is unique and will surely not be duplicated by anyone else.


Another simple but unique beach decor house warming gift that will not be duplicated would be a flip flops shaped cutting board. This is a great place to cut the fruits that will adorn the tropical drinks the new home owner will be enjoying over time in their new place.


If you are having a large group of friends over, there are also coolies that can be given to help them set the right mood when they are relaxing. The coolies can be found in various shapes including the shape of a t-shirt. The bright colors they come in along with the flip flops on them can make a subconscious statement that this cool drink will help you to relax. There are also large coolies to help keep that refreshing large bottle at just the right temperature. They come in a variety of bright colors so you can find them even in the dark.


If your friend is always losing their bottle opener then get them one they will want to hang onto. This can be a simple flip flop design or one that states Beach Bum on it. It will be unique enough to always get noticed, even when it is not in use. It is also made of bright colors so the eye will be able to find it easier even when one has had many drinks under their belt.


The choice of a house warming present in the category of beach decor is a wonderful and often used approach to welcoming a new home owner into the neighborhood with a fun theme. It will surely be welcomed and you as the gift giver will be remembered for being genuine and original in your approach to friendship.


by Douglas Gray

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