Loving the Beach, Sand & Sun

Loving the Beach, Sand & Sun

I love the beach, the sand and the sun; this is why I love to have items around to help me keep those memories alive and fresh in my mind. This is why my flip flops are at my front door. This makes it easy for me to get in the right mood when I arrive at my home. Right above my flip flops is my Beach sign and next to my flip flops are large flip flop pillows as kind of a joke. The site of them is always a smile getter.

As I progress into my home there are other things placed in the living room that are there to just trigger memories about time I have spent at the beach. This includes the Beaded Sea Shell Pillows on my couch. They help to place the sounds of the sea shore in my mind to help me relax.

On my end tables I have placed a pair of Palm Tree Four Sack Towels. This is something I learned from my grandmother. The towels are there to help clean up drinks that are spilled. This way a minimum amount of liquid makes it to the floor or on my carpeting. The sight of these palm trees help to trigger memories of the beach and of my grandmother which both bring a smile to my face.

ds-107074.jpgOn my book shelf is a set of Scallop Sculptured Votive Candle Holders. When lit, these candles glow with a low light that is romantic and helps bring back the moments on the beach when I was with my wife on vacation. It is also the times that my children were conceived. They truly do not yet understand the real reason I call them my beach children.

The easiest room to transform in my home to resemble the beach is the bathroom. This is due to it being so small in size. With an At the Beach Shower Curtain that is attached to the curtain rod with At the Beach hooks setting the right mood, I always feel like the coast is near. On the sink are other At the Beach items including the soap dish, Tumbler, Toothbrush holder, Tissue box Cover and Lotion dispenser. Each one of these items has the picture of the lighthouse and sea shells on them tom help remind me of the beach and all of the times I have spent their relaxing and enjoying myself. To make sure I do not slip when getting out of the shower I have placed a Sailing Rug next to the shower.

In the kitchen I used the Birds of Paradise theme to accent the beauty of the beach. The Salad Plate Square Bowl and Salt and Pepper Shakers accent this theme and improve the ambiance of the room. For an even further realistic approach I have just added the Bamboo Corn and Appetizer Picks. Bamboo and the beach just go hand in hand together. It is one of the greatest trigger mechanisms I have along with the palm trees that help remind me of the beach, sand and sun I enjoy so much.

by Douglas Gray

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