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Cloth Wine Tropical BagMake Tropical Decor Memories

Making memories with our tropical decorations is what can occur when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself with those you love. Memories of good times with the people you are with along with your surroundings are a natural consequence of being happy.

One of the nice things about using the items from Tropical Breeze Décor is that they help make your life easier and more relaxing.  When it comes time to enjoy a light snack, having the right surface is important. This centralizes the food so a mess is not generated along with making the snack easier to enjoy. This is what our  Coral Reef Wood Cutting Board with Spreader accomplishes.  This board measures 9” by 7 ½” and has a handy hole at one end so you can hold it with just one hand. This is one of the better ways to enjoy that new cheese or other type of hors d’oeuvres you and your loved ones enjoy together.

For families with children then a must have are the Flip Flop Shaped Large Pillows - They are 19” by 12” and resemble real flip flops. Fond memories will be generated when your small children think they are real footware and attempt to go walking in them. They come in Green Stripes, Blue Polka Dots, Pink Polka Dots and Orange Stripes. Just make sure you get two of them so there will be one for each foot.

When you are having a wine tasting party, the one drawback is there are so many wineglasses. To help your guests keep track of theirs without having to hold onto their glass all the time is with our Summer Fish Wine Charms, they come in a set of 12. This set makes it possible for each of your guest to have an identifier for their glass.  This set includes 4 flip flops of different colors, 6 different types of fish along with a pink flamingo and a palm tree. They can help get a conversation going or just be used to nick name the person holding the wine glass. There are no limitations or rules when using them.

Other sets of this type of item include the Tropical Hula Theme metal wine Glass Charms set of 6 and our Tropical wine Glass Charms set of 4 that includes a Pineapple, Palm Tree, Flip Flop and a Ukulele.

Another one for the wine lovers out there is our Tropical “Felicia” Cloth Wine Bottle Bag (see photo). This is the perfect companion for a couple’s romantic moment that includes a chilled wine. This way you do not have to get up to fill the glasses and can enjoy the warm embrace of your loved one while relaxing together. It is a white and red print bag so it is easy to find. The tie top also helps to keep the heat of summer away from the wine and the cooling wine at a stable temperature.

These are just a few of the items from Tropical Breeze décor that can help you to create fond memories when spending time with those you love most in the world.

by Douglas Gray

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