Why are Pink Flamingos so Popular

Pink Flamingo OrnamentWhy are Pink Flamingos so Popular


Why are Pink Flamingos so popular is because of the happy place they remind people of. This is a graceful bird that lives it life away from the crowds of city life. You will never see them on statues defacing them. They will only be seen in the wild in their natural habitat, the tropics.


The use of Pink Flamingo Décor or tropic décor can both include the use of this iconic bird. They symbolize grace and beauty with their long subtle necks and skinny legs that gracefully walk in the shallow march lands where they feed.


The plastic pink flamingo was created back in 1957 by Don Featherstone. This was considered Pop art and it won a Nobel Prize in 1996 in the category of art. At one point this ionic creation was even used as a lawn prank where dozens of pink flamingos would suddenly appear in a stranger’s yard overnight. This helped spawn the lawn greeting industry that today also include garden gnomes.


When using the pink flamingo décor, you do not have to have every item you display to have a flamingo. While this should be the main theme with a flock of them scattered across your yard or patio setting, there is also a need for other types of decorations. This can include signs and knick knack that have depictions of palm trees or tropical flowers.


A few items using pink flamingo décor would be appropriate in place that one would not expect to see them. This can be as simple as a pair of salt and pepper shakers. This would add to the ambiance of any table setting the help make the meal more attractive for your guest. It would also be a great conversation starter.


One of the best sellers in the category of pink flamingo décor is the Pink flamingo sun catcher. This is glass art that can be placed in a window to help make a room more tropical in its appearance. Just the site of a pair of pink flamingos in their natural habitat is soothing to the nerves. This can contribute to a happy atmosphere for all that are present.


The reason for using the pink flamingo décor is a personal one of the home owner. While they are not native to North America, their presence could be viewed as a natural way of representing wildlife in and around your home. One thing you will not have to worry about is a flock of live flamingos descending on your home if you have the plastic birds in your yard as duck hunters use decoy birds.


The use of pink flamingo décor in and around your home is a way to add a touch of grace and beauty that is out of the ordinary and unique. You might be the only one in your neighborhood with them which can also be a great way of helping others to find you home when visitors are asking for directions.

by Douglas Gray

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