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I love the smell of the Sea

Posted by Douglas Gray on 12th Feb 2015

I love the smell of the Sea and the salt air. There is nothing like a sweet ocean breeze on my face or filling up my lungs. It reminds me of my youth when I was a sailor in duty for my country. The … read more

Take a Mental Break with our Beach Decor Gifts

Posted by Douglas Gray on 16th Jan 2015

You work hard enough, so take a mental break with our Tropical beach decor gifts. It is the easiest and least expensive path to enjoying the relaxation effect the tropics can have on a person. … read more

​My vacation on the Sea

Posted by Douglas Gray on 30th Dec 2014

My Tropical vacation on the Sea is something I have always wanted to do. It was not my first experience going out to the open sea, but it was the first time I was a passenger. Before when I was y … read more

Tropical Gifts

Posted by Douglas Gray on 4th Dec 2014

Our tropical gifts always make it fun for family and friends to receive them on their birthdays along with Christmas. This is true even for those that have never been to the tropics to enjoy the re … read more

Tropical Beach Welcome Door Mat

Posted by Douglas Gray on 14th Nov 2014

No better way to welcome your friends than with a tropical beach welcome door mat. This is the first impression your friends and strangers alike will have about your home when they come to visit … read more