Pineapples are a Must for Your Tropical Party Setting

Pineapple DecorPineapples are a Must for Your Tropical Party Setting


Pineapples are a must for your Tropical Party setting if you really wish to bring this area of the world into your home. This is possible since the pineapple only grows in a tropical climate and is readily used in that area of the world. This is why you will find many references to pineapples when looking up tropical décor ideas.


The pineapple fruit itself can be used as decoration or as a glass. While they will only last one party, they can help bring a realistic feel to the gathering you are holding. For those that like using the pineapple theme for parties on a regular basis, the use of a tropical décor including pineapples would be more cost effective.


This can be as simple as having salt and pepper shakers in the shapes of pineapples. Not only do they give the appearance you desire, but they have a practical use at a party setting that will be interactive with many of the guest.


Another very simple and low cost idea would be to have a napkin holder in the shape of a pineapple along with pineapples on the napkins themselves. This way anytime one of your guests needs to clean themselves up, they gaze upon a pineapple. It will help set the tone you desire of your place being relaxing and enjoyable.


If part or all of your party will be held outdoors, you can help light it up with a string of pineapple lights. These are decorative lights similar to Christmas tree lights, but set for a festive party gathering in the tropics. This is one type of object that catches the eyes of those present in the same room or area. It sends a subtle subliminal message that this is a relaxing place you are presently in.


The use of tropical décor for a party setting not only should include pineapples, but many other items one would associate with this peaceful part of the world. This will include any item made of bamboo along with palm trees and those wonderful and colorful tropical flowers. All of these would certainly compliment the sight of a pineapple in your décor.


Pineapples have always had a place at a party setting, even when it is not a tropical theme. This is due to the number of cocktails that use a pineapple slice as a garnish or flavor in them. It can also add a special twist to a drink that can make it more enjoyable. One example of this is the flat headed screwdriver. It is the preferred way of serving this type of drink in the tropics instead of orange juice. The leading reason is the plentiful supply of pineapple juice over its orange challenger.


One of the simplest ways to bring a tropical setting into your party is to add a pineapple to the fruit bowl. While apples, oranges and grapes are common, the placement of pineapples, bananas and mangos make it more tropical. This is an easy and functional way to help bring the tropics into your home for your party or everyday living.

by Douglas Gray

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