Why do Parrots Make Us Think of the Tropical Beaches

Parrot MatWhy do Parrots Make Us Think of the Tropical Beaches


Why do Parrots make us think of the tropical beaches is because it is a common site in the movies and in advertising. The reason their use is so effective is that this is the natural habitat for them. The Amazon Jungle, just like the jungles of Boneo, are located in the tropical zone of the world. It is always warm and there is plenty of rain to help keep the foliage plentiful so they can hide from predators. Unfortunately most parrots along with other birds, except the seagulls, stay away from the beach because of their fear of humans. The seagulls are safe since no one wants to collect them or have them as pets.


The movies and advertising have a great level of effect on how the world is perceived by its inhabitants. Since it is common to see colorful parrots in beach scenes in the silver screen, most people just assume they belong there. This can contribute to why so many people include them in their decoration choices when using a tropical décor theme for their home or office.


In all there are 372 different parrot species in the tropical and subtropical climate regions of the world. This is also where most of the enjoyable beaches are located. By including them in the tropical décor theme you have decided to use will help infuse vivid colors in a natural fashion. The can be used as standalone images or in palm trees near or on a beach.


Today, most of the parrots you will see at a tropical beach are in cages. When there are being used as part of your tropical décor, the cage should be omitted. Having the image of a caged or trapped animal, even a multicolored one, would not be a very pleasant or relaxing scene. The natural state of them flying is always nice since there is a bountiful supply of color in their wings that will help lighten up any room and the atmosphere in it.


One of the nicest things about parrots and other birds being near a tropical beach is the music they play with their calls. For most beach goers, the sounds of the beach and waves would not be complete without the calls of wild birds. They seem to help people relax when they are visiting. Unfortunately most of the bird sounds you hear are from sea gulls.


While the use of parrots in advertising and in movies is not realistic at all time, they do come up with some relatively good ideas. One of these is the presence of parrots at a tropical beach. Unfortunately because of the presence of humans at most of the tropical beaches, wildlife has chosen to stay away. This does have one benefit for tourist,. There are no small flying bombs being let loose when the parrots fly overhead. This natural reaction to eating is not very pleasant, especially when it land on you.


By using parrots and other colorful birds when applying a tropical décor to your home or office will help make it more colorful in a natural manner. This way you will have an uplifting venue to relax in.

by Douglas Gray

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